Business & Local Development

With the help of its network of agencies and local partners,
DI Africa is able to support you from the start your operations in a country:

  • Company hosting

  • Subsidiary and headquarters organization

  • Business development

  • Company representation, support for local development

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsability)

  • Community and governement relations

Technical Support

Manpower services is one of the core business of DI Africa, offering full range of options:

  • Sourcing of applicants on job description basis

  • Contracting solutions (locals, regionals, expatriates)

  • Integrated teams in a specific scope of work

  • Recruitment Services

The added value offered by DI Africa comes from the local presence in the heart of oil and gas zones such as Port-Gentil in Gabon.

Our teams fully understand local regulations and customs and maintain close ties with local customer representatives and business consultants.

DI Africa is fully involved in the training and recruitment of national talent. This is why we also offer tailor-made programs and training.


Employment Services

DI Africa also provides operational support for your operations:

  • Local and International contracting (management of employment contracts)

  • Payroll management

  • Work Permits

  • Tax management & Tax certificate insurance

  • Local bank support

  • Foreign currencies payments depending of law in force in country

  • Process monitoring to track changes in local regulations

HR & Global Mobility

Human Resources Advisory:

  • Support of implentation, start-up or short intervention on specific issues

  • Definition of the organization chart

  • Definition of roles and responsabilities

  • Implementation of performance policy

  • Creation of job descriptions

  • Respect of Company policy and rules

  • Salary grid establishment

Global Mobility :

Part of our chain services, DIA positions it self as your logistics main focal point:

  • Airport Assistance

  • Local and International logistics (Airline Tickets, car rental ...)

  • Gestion des procédures d'immigration (obtention des visas, permis de travail, permis de conduire, ...)

  • Housing management